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Antifascist in spirit and embracing either communism, socialism or anarchy, most of the alabaster masters have embodied and still do embody the simple, free lifestyle of Tuscans who enjoy the grandeur of their land and its products. Hunters, truffle-seekers, allotment gardeners, mushroom-seekers, most of them show respect for the land that has given them the gift of alabaster stone, the raw material of their craftsmanship.

The spirit that best represents the alabaster masters emerges very clearly in this video document produced by Don Pasta portraying Mario and Stefano Simoncini, two twins and alabaster masters also known as the “Fratelli Bosco” or “Wood Brothers,”

To show the subtitles automatically generated through the YouTube system, look for the subtitle activation symbol on the opposite side of the “play” button on the player’s toolbar, bottom right.

This trailer of the documentary entitled “ALABASTRAI” or “ALABASTER MASTERS” made by Duccio Benvenuti for the Collettivo Distillerie, on the other hand, takes an ironic look at some of the nicknames typical of traditional alabaster masters, narrated in the first person by the leading players in the stories themselves.

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